The Same Reason Why Others Love to Work with Us.

“The refrigerator at our business died over the weekend and we came in to find a smelly, gooey mess. I called Ryan and he came over THAT DAY and cleaned it all up. It looks great, it smells wonderful. I am a happy camper.” – Claudia

“I wanted to send a letter of thanks for the wonderful job your company did cleaning my carpets. Your technicians were very knowledgeable and helpful. They explained each step and walked me through the process of cleaning my pet stains. Now my 4 month-old baby can safely play on the floor. It’s one less thing I have to handle myself, plus at a great savings. Thanks again for a job well done. I will be happy to recommend you to family and friends.” - Sincerely, Beth.

“Charlie, just wanted to say thanks for giving me such a great deal on my carpet cleaning! It looks better than it has ever looked. Your technician was very nice and professional. I will definitely send people your way. Thanks again.” – Kate

“Just great! Very happy. I really appreciate the fact that the cleaning crew put those coverings on their feet when they walked on the clean carpet.” – G

Very happy with the job. Your technician, Ryan, was very polite and very conscientious.” – Warren

Our carpets are amazingly clean! I didn’t think they were even that dirty but when Ryan started cleaning, I was appalled at the difference in color, you could see the change in every pass with the wand.” – Earl

“Dear Q-M-S, Not only did your team arrive promptly, they did above and beyond what I asked them to do. I had asked to have some spot cleaning done. Not only did they do that area but also they did my stairs and an area in my dining room at no extra charge. I have been using Q-M-S for the past four years and will continue using their service indefinitely. The results are better than I ever expected and the prompt, friendly service is excellent. Thank you for another job well done. The carpets look and smell wonderful.” Sincerely, Connie W.

“Thanks for doing such a fabulous job on our carpets. We are extremely pleased at how well they turned out. Not only do our carpets look brand new, Q-M-S was able to remove stains in our carpets that other carpet cleaning companies had tried and failed to do. Our rec room had some water damage that we would we would never get the existing carpet to come clean to match the new – but after Q-M-S was done you couldn’t tell where the old carpet began and the new carpet ended. We are extremely pleased with the job, the service and the attention to detail. We will use only Q-M-S from now on and will recommend only Q-M-S to our family and friends. Thanks again Q-M-S for a job well done.” – Mandy

Charlie was very easy-going and professional. He was so easy to work with and I wasn’t afraid of pointing out a spot he needed to go over again. I especially like the fact that he used a clear water rinse so he didn’t leave a chemical residue on my carpets; this is important to me in my daycare services.” – Kristi

“We are so happy with the results. The carpet looks fantastic and I was really surprised at how fast it dried. It’s just awesome!” – Jeff

“My kids had my carpet cleaned because I have this dog. And it looks pretty good, really. Our carpets were really bad but now they’re nice and clean. – Jim

“Everything went just fine, very nice. I had RED KOOL-AID on the carpet. And, if you didn’t know exactly where the pitcher dropped, you’d never know about it at all. It’s absolutely amazing. And the floor dried fast, too.” – Mary

The carpets look great! Now my wife makes me take my shoes off! The guys really worked hard, too. There was a spot that needed extra cleaning and they put out the effort to clean it up.” - David